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Cartoon: The Simpsons
Character: Principal Skinner
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Principal Skinner: Principal Skinner: "(buzz!) Uh oh, two 'independent thought' alarms in one day..."
00:03 36 Kb 81
Principal Skinner: Principal Skinner: "And how may I ask did you get past the hall monitors?"
00:03 32 Kb 82
Principal Skinner: Principal Skinner: "And special awards go to the two students who obviously had no help from their parents: Lisa Simpson and Ralph Wiggum."
Ralph: "I'm Idaho!"
Principal Skinner: "Of course you are..."
00:11 116 Kb 83
Principal Skinner: Principal Skinner: "Now I've gotten word that a child is using his imagination... and I've come to put a stop to it"
00:04 44 Kb 98
Principal Skinner: Otto: "But if you need proof of my identity, I wrote my name in my underwear... Oh wait, these aren't mine..."
Skinner: "Well that tears it. Until you get a license and wear your own underwear mister, you are suspended without pay."
00:12 127 Kb 86
Principal Skinner: Principal Skinner: "Go ahead, water it down some more."
Willy: "My God mon, I've watered 'er down as far as she'll go... I cannae water no more..."
00:08 87 Kb 75
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